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简介2020年,北极星将对其三轮敞篷跑车进行自2015年该车推出以来的首次重大更新。被称为2020 Polaris Slingshot Pro Star 2.0LR的新三轮车代表着独特装备的骑行检修的70%,带来的变化事:使更广

2020年,北极星将对其三轮敞篷跑车进行自2015年该车推出以来的首次重大更新。被称为2020 Polaris Slingshot Pro Star 2.0LR的新三轮车代表着独特装备的骑行检修的70%,带来的变化事:使更广泛的驾驶员群体更容易的使用它。

For 2020, Polaris is giving its three-wheeled roadster its first major update since the vehicle’s introduction in 2015. Called the 2020 Polaris Slingshot Pro Star 2.0L R, the new trike represents a 70 percent overhaul of the uniquely-equipped ride, delivering changes that make it more accessible to a wider demographic of drivers.


Chief among the updates is the outfit’s AutoDrive, a hydraulically-actuated automatic transmission, which eliminates the clutch pedal and manual shifting found in its predecessors, allowing you to drive one without having to learn how to operate a stick shift. That means, practically anyone, skilled driver or not, can now operate a trike that looks like a barebones track racer.

2020年的Polaris Slingshot ProStar 2.0LR由该车队的第一台四缸发动机提供动力,可输出高达203马力的功率和120磅-英尺的扭矩,同时以8500 RPM的速度发红,这使其比其前身的动力装置大大提高了。虽然引擎听起来像是能够使这个东西飞行(我们的意思是,它很轻),但他们确实通过电子方式将最高速度限制为125 mph,这应该提供令人满意的行驶效果,而又不会使您成为路上的绝对威胁。作为一款专注于比赛的娱乐机器,它也不是安静的,全新的排气装置可确保您开车经过一个安静的社区时会惹恼所有的人。

The 2020 Polaris Slingshot ProStar 2.0L R is powered by the outfit’s first four-cylinder engine, which puts out a whopping 203 horsepower and 120 pound-feet of torque, all while redlining at 8500 RPM, making it quite the step up from its predecessor’s powerplant. While the engine sounds like it’s capable of making this thing fly (we mean, it’s light and all), they did electronically-limit the top speed to 125 mph, which should offer a satisfying drive without turning you into an absolute menace on the road. Being a race-focused recreation machine, it’s not quiet, either, with an all-new tuned exhaust ensuring you’re going to annoy everyone within earshot while you drive through a quiet neighborhood.


It has adjustable air vents for improved airflow and increased comfort, while the independent double-wishbone suspension, twin-tube gas-charged coilover shocks, and carbon-reinforced fiber belt should give you the necessary confidence to take this goofy-looking thing all around the city. Both electronic power steering and electronic stability control are standard, making this every bit a modern ride, while vented cast iron rotors provide the stopping power on both ends of the vehicle.

2020年的Polaris弹弓ProStar 2.0L R提供两种骑行方式:舒适性和弹弓。前者适用于那些只想骑三轮车在城镇中悠闲地骑行,而后者则适用于想要享受更加运动的体验。两种模式都可以从Ride Command信息娱乐系统访问,该系统可从7英寸触摸屏显示器获得,并且具有逐行导航(具有内置GPS)和蓝牙连接功能,因此您可以从100瓦的Rockford Fosgate扬声器设置。

The 2020 Polaris Slingshot ProStar 2.0L R offers two rides: Comfort and Slingshot. The former is for those times you just want to take your odd-looking trike for a leisurely ride around town, while the latter is for those times you want to enjoy a much sportier experience. Both modes are accessible from the Ride Command infotainment system, which is available from the 7-inch touchscreen display, along with turn-by-turn navigation (it has built-in GPS) and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pump out your tunes from the 100-watt Rockford Fosgate speaker setup.


The entire front end of the vehicle has been refreshed, from the front accent lighting and LED headlights to the color schemes to the overall aesthetic. It has a 7.5-inch tall windscreen, which should provide enough height to keep the wind off your face, given the cockpit’s low-slung position, while it retains the open-cockpit side-by-side seating that’s been the vehicle’s trademark. Other features include integrated steering wheel controls, full-grain leather on the steering wheel with Euro stitching, two USB ports, keyless start via a proximity key, 18-inch front wheels, and a 20-inch wheel in the rear.

2020年北极星弹弓ProStar 2.0L R的价格为26,499美元。我们知道,这就是一辆不错的汽车的价格,但您必须承认,这看起来要有趣得多。

The 2020 Polaris Slingshot ProStar 2.0L R is priced at $26,499. We know, that’s the price of a decent car and all, but you have to admit, this looks a heck of a lot more fun.